Off Shore Drilling Platforms

MS provides comprehensive risk assessment and security plans for any Oil & Gas facility or pipeline. We have a clear understanding of the complex nature of offshore projects and recognize the importance from a political and economic perspective. The MS O&G team has the appropriate international experience to build a relation with the local national authorities and fulfill all required industry standards.

Key elements for a comprehensive security package

The key elements in the process of developing a comprehensive security package are:

  • Security plans during the various stages of seismic and drilling operations
  • Proactive integrated operational center during our engagement
  • Experienced MARSEC teams which will implement the security plan in coordination with the Master, Project Manager and Officers on board the platform
  • Continuous evaluation and drilling of counter terrorist and anti-piracy measures
  • Build a diplomatic bridge of communication with the National Coast Guard and Naval Forces
  • Continuous Risk Assessment process of all service boats and helicopter transits (helipad security protocol)
  • Be an integrated part of all Safety and Security Committees and meetings
  • Secure all on-going crew changes and VIP Visits
  • Provide Customer Travel Management and Advice
  • Establish a local and an international crisis management centre and process

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