Anti – Piracy for Commercial Vessels

Over the past ten years we have witnessed an increase in piracy activities with vessels passing through HRA* (High Risk Area). This has resulted in an increase for the shipping industry of non-operational cost such as route diversion, fuel increase due to speed variation, vessel hardening and insurance cost and most importantly the possibility of loss of vessels and precious lives. MS owns two fully licensed Private Maritime Security Companies PMSC (Black Pearl and MASS) specializing in Risk Mitigation Services with an experienced number of teams for Armed Services in the Red Sea*, Gulf of Aden*, Indian Ocean*, Gulf of Oman* and West Africa.

Services Offered

  • Fleet/Vessel Security Assessment Consultancy
  • Fleet/Vessel Journey Management and Tracking
  • Vessel Hardening in line with industry guidelines
  • Intelligence Updates and Pirate Movement Analysis
  • Incident and Emergency Management with a 24 hour shore side support
  • Armed Risk Mitigation Implementation
  • Security Training, Screening and Assessing

Logistical Footprint

MS has the logistical footprint to deploy weapons and guards from the following ports and OPL’s


South Africa (Durban, Coega, Richard’s Bay), Mozambique (Maputo, Nacala), Madagascar, Dar Es-Salam, Mombasa, Somalia (Mogadishu, Berbera, Kismayo), Djibouti, Port Sudan, Yemen, Jeddah-KAC, South Red Sea 17N-18N-19N-21N, Egypt (Suez, Sokhna, Safaga), Aqaba, Oman (Salalah, Muscat), UAE (J. Ali, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Khor-Fakkan), Fujairah OPL, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion.

Inteligent Tracking System

MS is a subscriber of a Highly Intelligent Satellite Tracking System with live updates that assist the Team Leader (TL)/Master/CSO with the planning of and executing a safe passage:

  • Provide accurate, comprehensive and timely intelligence reports delivered directly on board through the TL
  • Guarantee 24/7 monitoring
  • Live Feed Thread alerts and advisory support
  • Routing advisory and continuous support

In Transit Operation

The MS Security team forms an integral part of our client’s vessel crew. The key security mission is to protect and defend with a focus on deterrence. We implement a flexible and phased response to any threat:


After embarking, our transit team immediately assumes defensive measurements. Along with an initial analysis of the security situation, the security team leader liaises with the ship‘s master to establish how to best support him in his duties. Vessel familiarisation of the team and a crew briefing are mandatory. A close liaison between master and team leader is maintained throughout each transit. Interaction is based on mutual respect and trust. Transit teams liaise with MS head office via status reports and satellite communication.


On any transit, MS’S team leaders conduct a ship security assessment. Hardening measures are coordinated with crew and led by the transit team, in conjunction with the ship‘s master and crew. Crew drills for emergency situations are recommended (as a minimum) at least once per transit. MS‘s teams are on red alert throughout every transit. Drills for graduated response, weapons and medical emergencies are mandatory. 24hr watch routines are typically completed in 4hr shifts.



The focus is deterrence through a flexible phased response to any threat. MS’s graduated response is based on the right of self-defence. The master retains control of the vessel at all times. Within the graduated response frame- work, means of deterrence i.e. sounding the horn, VHF, displaying weapons and firing flares have priority. The use of firearms, even for warning shots, is a last resort for MS’ teams. Comprehensive post-incident reporting and evidence documentation are mandatory.


Flag State Accreditation

MS can service the majority of the Top 20 Flag States:

P&I Club Approval

MS have worked and continue to work with some of the leading P&I Clubs, including:

  • SKULD Copenhagen
  • London Steam Ship
  • Standard
  • London P&I Club
  • UK P&I Club (Hellenic)
  • British Marine London
  • North of England
  • American P&I Club
  • Catlin
  • Hiscox
  • Britania

Insurance Covers

MS Supports the International Maritime Organization’s demand for levels of Insurance from Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC’s) that the Ship Owners/Managers and the P&I Clubs can rely upon; as such MS, through the assistance of MARSH, has secured the following levels of covers with a leading UK based Insurance underwriter:

  • General Liability $ 5 Mil
  • Professional Indemnity $ 5 Mil
  • Maritime Employers Liability $ 5 Mil
  • Employers Liability $ 5 Mil

Research Services