Passenger Vessel Security

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Anti – Piracy for Commercial Vessels

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Port Security

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Off Shore Drilling Platforms

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MS Security & Personnel Ltd.

• MS Security (MS) is a leading maritime professional security company with 30 years of experience in all sectors of the Maritime Industry.

• MS offers high-end professional security solutions worldwide to all type of passenger and commercial vessels as well as consulting services for Oil & Gas Platforms and International Port Terminals.

• The Company currently employees hundreds of highly skilled active security guards specializing in the various maritime security sectors of the Industry.

• Based on our extensive experience, MS has developed many new and unique methods to deal with the current threats and challenges to the maritime industry, all under the guidelines of the ISPS Code and the BMP4 Guidelines. Some of the day to day threats our company so efficiently deals with include: terrorism, piracy, stowaways, violence, vandalism, drug trafficking and many more.

• After 30 years of operation we take great pride in keeping an impeccable record of operational success in an extremely complicated and sensitive environment that often endures serious incidents on a daily basis. MS thrives to exceed customer expectations by providing the most professional and comprehensive security package according to its customers’ needs, all at very competitive rates.

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